Episode 52: Successfully Single

What does it really mean to be successful? Whose definition of success do we use to define the term? Is professional achievement a happenstance in light of one’s singleness or is it the result of being able to find a healthy professional and personal balance in one’s life? I’m asking the questions to dispel the myth that singleness isn’t a death sentence but instead the perfect place to be while one is becoming the best version of themselves possible. Join my special guests, Dr. Keiva Bland, Judge Kameshia Gant and Dr. Brendesha Tynes as they share their experience in living the single life.

Episode 14: Living Single – Dating after 30

When most women imagine their adult lives, they picture themselves married with children. We view this as the norm in our society. But what happens when what you imagined would happen, does not happen the way you imagined? What happens when life does not present you with a spouse in the early part of life? Is it a blessing? A curse? With the advent of online dating, traditional dating has changed. Is online dating the way to go? Who takes the lead? Who reaches out first? How much do you disclose? I guess the question everyone wants to know…is there someone out there for me and how do we find each other? If you find yourself, never married, single with children or single hoping to have children when you marry, listen as our guests share their experiences to dating after 30.