Episode 48: The D Word

I think we have all heard at least one couple that gets into a heated argument with their spouse and one person threatens ‘divorce’. It’s used as a tactic to get one person in line. But how effective is this? Divorce should not be used as punishment. It shouldn’t be used at all. There are some couples who truly have severe problems in their relationship, which if not discussed, and emotional closeness is not restored, their relationship begins to fail. So what are these warning signs? Let’s listen in as we discuss The 4 Horsemen. Research shows that 96% of couples who experience all 4 of these behaviors in their relationship, if they continue, then the threat of divorce, soon becomes reality.

Episode 31: Navigating Divorce

No one marries with the thought of ever divorcing. Yet divorce is becoming common place in our society. So what happens that causes a couple to end up on opposite sides of the courtroom? What can we do to divorce-proof our marriage? Today’s show is a gathering of the minds to include a divorce mediator, attorney and a woman who has experienced it personally. Let’s hear them share their thoughts and experience on navigating divorce.