Episode 56: Anxiety Is Not In Control

Let’s be honest, love can be difficult to understand and achieve. Everyone is able to build a healthy and loving relationship but only when we recognize that the passion and intimacy of Eros love must meet the unconditional and sacrificial love of Agape. The Eros Meets Agape podcast is where matters of the heart meets real talk. Join your host, Dr. Saudia Twine, a licensed marriage and family therapist and minister as she navigates the hard conversations about love, sex, marriage and relationships leading you to give and receive the love you both want and need.

Guess what?! Circumstances in life can cause you to experience moments where you question yourself, question your worth and question whether or not you have what it takes to move you from point A to point B. It is in these moments that we get anxious either questioning the decisions of our past or those of our future. Today’s episode we’re discussing anxiety and how to cope.