Episode 30: On the Couch: Compromising vs. Settling

Everyone needs a support system in place that encourages, uplifts tells and tells you the truth – in love. Wise counsel is essential to bounce our idea and thoughts as well as to keep up from making decisions that we later regret. That is exactly what our On the Couch episode will do. In today’s episode we take an introspective look at the difference between compromising and settling. We all experience moments where we begin to question our choices and decisions, but when it comes to dating and the selection of our future partner, our decision is life changing. We have particular preferences. Others may have questioned your preferences. Are they normal? Outlandish? Do you find yourself dating but not seeing what your heart desires? Is what your heart desires too much and you have found yourself questioning your likes and dislikes? Sounds like you may be at a crossroads between compromising and settling. We dig in to determine what is the fine line between compromising for what we want and settling for what we want.