Episode 31: Navigating Divorce

No one marries with the thought of ever divorcing. Yet divorce is becoming common place in our society. So what happens that causes a couple to end up on opposite sides of the courtroom? What can we do to divorce-proof our marriage? Today’s show is a gathering of the minds to include a divorce mediator, attorney and a woman who has experienced it personally. Let’s hear them share their thoughts and experience on navigating divorce.

Episode 30: On the Couch: Compromising vs. Settling

Everyone needs a support system in place that encourages, uplifts tells and tells you the truth – in love. Wise counsel is essential to bounce our idea and thoughts as well as to keep up from making decisions that we later regret. That is exactly what our On the Couch episode will do. In today’s episode we take an introspective look at the difference between compromising and settling. We all experience moments where we begin to question our choices and decisions, but when it comes to dating and the selection of our future partner, our decision is life changing. We have particular preferences. Others may have questioned your preferences. Are they normal? Outlandish? Do you find yourself dating but not seeing what your heart desires? Is what your heart desires too much and you have found yourself questioning your likes and dislikes? Sounds like you may be at a crossroads between compromising and settling. We dig in to determine what is the fine line between compromising for what we want and settling for what we want.

Episode 29: Debunking Sexual Myths

There aren’t too many households which teach how to have a healthy sexual relationship. When couples get married, they have little knowledge from which it build with their partner. So we’re getting racy in today’s episode as we discuss sexual myths. Let’s build our knowledge base of truth to get rid of knowledge gained from the street so couples can have healthier, happier sexual encounters. Psychotherapist, Clifford Clark, LCSW a marriage and relationship counselor and sexual addiction specialist is joining me for this racy topic.

Episode 28: Coping with Grief & Trauma

Death is a natural part of life. Or is it? In life we experience loss and grief. Neither are easy to handle. So how do we cope healthily when we experiencing grief. It’s especially difficult when it is attached to trauma. Today’s show, I have a special guest, LCMHC, Mia Reid of Change Happens Today. She is going to educate us on the specifics of grief and trauma, how to differentiate and cope as we live our new new normal.

Episode 27: Check Your Thoughts

Have you ever wondered why your thoughts tend to sway in a particular direction? For some it’s always positive and for others it’s always thinking the worst. How do these thoughts originate? If they are negative, how can we get rid of them? If they are positive, what are you doing that creates this continual flow of ever thinking the best of self and others. We’re discussing automatic thoughts and developing positive self-talk in today’s episode. If you or someone you know could benefit, listen in.

Episode 26: Dating 101

It’s not easy dating in 2019. Dating is nice, but we want to make certain it leads to something special, meaning and lasting. How do we go from I want to find someone special to…hey I’d like you to meet my girlfriend/boyfriend. On today’s show, I will share some tips and tools to help you to position yourself for better dating. I’ll share some his and her do’s and don’ts and of course some safety tips. I mean, it’s 2019, we have to stay ready.

Episode 25: The Second Time Around

Did you ever notice how it seems that people who have previously been married seem to always find love? How does love work the second time around? Are they better equipped the second time around? What makes things work? Or not work? Does it make a difference if the happy couple knew each other early in life and revisit the relationship? So many questions. While we could focus on all the things that didn’t quite go right the first time around, let’s instead focus on the lessons learned that couples bring into their current marriage that make it work. Let’s take a look at the growth they have accomplished. Let’s take a look at the love they found that may have been missing originally.

Episode 24: Essential Keys Better Love

Don’t you want to have better love? Lasting love? Well of course you do. But guess what, not everyone knows how to get what it is they desire from their relationship. In today’s episode I am sharing some key tips on how to build happier, healthier relationships and move towards lasting love. These keys teach the basic elements necessary for any relationship. If you want to learn more about these tools, join the ABCs to Better Love challenge where we will learn how to develop and build upon these keys. Go to erosmeetsagape.com to sign up.

Episode 23: – Toxic Masculinity: Dating the Alpha Male

Gillette has gotten a lot of flack from their new commercial. They are asking men to do better, thus be more open and sensitive. But, can the alpha male be this person? Can men expose themselves in the workplace emotionally? Do they have a safe environment at home to come to in order to express their emotions? Join me and my special guest, Sherri Moore, as we discuss the alpha male as we try to understand their style of emotional expression at home as well as the work place.

Episode 22: Sneak Peek 2019

In 2019 we are expecting great things from the Eros Meets Agape podcast. As our listening audience grows – so do we. Today’s show provides a sneak peek as to what you will hear from us this year. If you think you were shocked by some of last year’s episodes…hold on…there is more in store. Join us as we share what’s coming!!!