Episode 19: Postpartum Depression

The birth of a baby can bring a joyous time for many new mothers.  However, not everyone experiences such elation after the birth of their child.  Some new mothers, due to the hormonal change in their bodies, along with existing life challenges can cause an onset of postpartum depression. Postpartum depression is real.  Although it can be a difficult time, it can be overcome.  Know that you can overcome this and there is help. We’ll hear from Author, Kimberly Batchelor-Davis as she shares her trial and triumph overcoming her postpartum depression.

Episode 18: Dear Dr. Saudia

It seems that when you are a counselor you have a history of others seeking you for advice. I can remember this happening as early as my teens…and from adults. I never thought much of it. I answered as best I could and prayed for the rest. Everyone desires to be loved, but not everyone knows the best ways to go about finding and cultivating that love. I want everyone to get the best out of their relationships. Now that I am a counselor, the questions have increased. So today’s show may be helpful as I dig into the many questions I’m asked on relationships, sharing my wisdom, education, and counseling expertise navigating your way through love.

Episode 17: Millennials on Love

Millennials are those who were born between 1981 – 1996. Technology is a generation-shaping consideration for how millennials connect and communicate. What is unique for post-Millennials is that television, the Internet, and social media has been part of their lives from the start. Millennials believe they are very different and most parents cannot understand why they think and do things differently. Today we listen to a group of millennials share their points of view on life and love – in a technology driven age. Let’s get schooled by this generation.

Episode 16: Happily Ever After

If love was something that we could buy, it would be the hottest item selling out in every location. Many books are written to show people how to find and keep love. Yet, couples are still unhappy and struggle to fight divorce. So what works? What are successful couples doing that unsuccessful couples are not? Let’s find out some keys to making love last from a few successful couples on today’s show. We’ll hear their tips, do’s, don’ts, and advice on how to live Happily Ever After.

Episode 15: From Boys to Men – Fatherhood

Men are sometimes misunderstood. Many are labeled in a negative light, but what about the good guys?! What about the men who strive to be the best man, husband and father they can be? Many times we don’t take the time to understand the heart of a man and the things they grapple during their transition from boyhood to manhood to fatherhood. We assume men are emotionless and navigating through life effortlessly, without pain. But it is not so. Good men desire to share a legacy with their sons, and extend love to their daughters, so they know how a real man should love and treat them. Today, we have a heart-to-heart with some men sharing their views on their evolution from boys to men.

Episode 14: Living Single – Dating after 30

When most women imagine their adult lives, they picture themselves married with children. We view this as the norm in our society. But what happens when what you imagined would happen, does not happen the way you imagined? What happens when life does not present you with a spouse in the early part of life? Is it a blessing? A curse? With the advent of online dating, traditional dating has changed. Is online dating the way to go? Who takes the lead? Who reaches out first? How much do you disclose? I guess the question everyone wants to know…is there someone out there for me and how do we find each other? If you find yourself, never married, single with children or single hoping to have children when you marry, listen as our guests share their experiences to dating after 30.

Episode 12: Sexual Assault – The Family Secret

July is Black Mental Health Awareness Month and we looking at the effects of life after abuse. We’re having an intimate conversation as one woman shares her experience of sexual abuse and how it has helped to frame her life. Join me today as we tackle the hard conversation in hopes of educating some while helping to open the door to healing for others.

Episode 11: Addicted to Porn

We live in a society where we say do what we feel and what feels good. But how does this come into play with pornography use? Is this a healthy form of sexual release? How does it effect the psyche and our relationships? What determines addiction? This episode addresses pornography addiction as I speak with Social Worker Clifford Clark, a Marriage, Relationship and Sex Addiction Specialist. Join us as we shed some light on this important topic.