Episode 15: From Boys to Men – Fatherhood

Men are sometimes misunderstood. Many are labeled in a negative light, but what about the good guys?! What about the men who strive to be the best man, husband and father they can be? Many times we don’t take the time to understand the heart of a man and the things they grapple during their transition from boyhood to manhood to fatherhood. We assume men are emotionless and navigating through life effortlessly, without pain. But it is not so. Good men desire to share a legacy with their sons, and extend love to their daughters, so they know how a real man should love and treat them. Today, we have a heart-to-heart with some men sharing their views on their evolution from boys to men.

Episode 14: Living Single – Dating after 30

When most women imagine their adult lives, they picture themselves married with children. We view this as the norm in our society. But what happens when what you imagined would happen, does not happen the way you imagined? What happens when life does not present you with a spouse in the early part of life? Is it a blessing? A curse? With the advent of online dating, traditional dating has changed. Is online dating the way to go? Who takes the lead? Who reaches out first? How much do you disclose? I guess the question everyone wants to know…is there someone out there for me and how do we find each other? If you find yourself, never married, single with children or single hoping to have children when you marry, listen as our guests share their experiences to dating after 30.

Episode 12: Sexual Assault – The Family Secret

July is Black Mental Health Awareness Month and we looking at the effects of life after abuse. We’re having an intimate conversation as one woman shares her experience of sexual abuse and how it has helped to frame her life. Join me today as we tackle the hard conversation in hopes of educating some while helping to open the door to healing for others.

Episode 11: Addicted to Porn

We live in a society where we say do what we feel and what feels good. But how does this come into play with pornography use? Is this a healthy form of sexual release? How does it effect the psyche and our relationships? What determines addiction? This episode addresses pornography addiction as I speak with Social Worker Clifford Clark, a Marriage, Relationship and Sex Addiction Specialist. Join us as we shed some light on this important topic.

Episode 10: Suicide Awareness – Life after Loss

July is Black Mental Health Awareness Month and we are shedding light onto the subject of suicide. On average, 122 Americans die by suicide each day. More than 9.4 million adults in the United States had serious thoughts of suicide within the past 12 months. We’re having an intimate conversation as one woman shares her experience of losing a loved due to a suicide and how she and her family learned to heal and move forward from this tragedy. Join me today as we tackle the hard conversation of life after loss.

Episode 9: What Men Really Want – Part 2

Women sometimes struggle with understanding what it is a man really wants from her if he attempts to pursue her. At times you may have questioned how does he really feel? How does he really feel about marriage or me? Today’s topic delves even further into the mind of a man as we continue our conversation with our male panel discussing what men really want and how they really think and feel.

Episode 8: What Men Really Want – Part 1

One of the biggest things I get in couple’s counseling is that women tend to not understand what a man wants, why he thinks/acts the way he does. Most want to know those answers to not just get a man but to understand him to have a better relationship. While a famous comedian has written a book on ‘how the male mind thinks’ we’re testing it out on today’s show to go inside the mind of a man to find out their needs, wants and desires as it pertains to women and relationships. Whether dating, engaged, or married you may hear something today that helps better the course of your relationship.

Episode 6: Part 3: Is That The Way Love Goes – Addicted to Love

In the final segment of our 3 part series we wrap up our conversation as we recognize that communication determines how we connect, how we argue and even how we love. Have you ever felt that the person you love is not loving you the way you need to be loved? If you have ever looked at all the things you have done for those who matter most in your life, or that special someone, and you feel your efforts have not been returned, then it is possible that maybe you are communicating your love for one another in vastly different ways. The way we love is another way in which we communicate giving and receiving love. We end this series discussing the Five Love Languages and the difference it makes in being loved…and feeling loved.