Episode 54: On the Couch – Spread the Love

Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna Bryant were 2 of the 9 sounds lost on Sunday, January 26, 2020. Death can always make us become introspective and take inventory on what matters most. In this world, we all want love. The way to get it, is to give it. Today’s on the couch episode I share with you the various ways in which we spread love. Sometimes we lose our focus because of what is not taking place. I am sharing with you the many reasons why and how you can spread love. You never know how much someone may need your encouraging word, smile and love.

Episode 53: Top Tips to Avoid Situationships

Sometimes we think we don’t really want a relationship…until we do. Maybe you’ve been here before. You didn’t think you would like her or him…but you do. That’s when we find ourselves caught in something that we can’t define. Left with no title. Not really able to stake a claim. No voice. And while we enjoy their time, we don’t know how we are going to move from this to a relationship. No one wants to be here but…you are. Let’s learn how to avoid getting involved in a situation-ship.

Episode 52: Successfully Single

What does it really mean to be successful? Whose definition of success do we use to define the term? Is professional achievement a happenstance in light of one’s singleness or is it the result of being able to find a healthy professional and personal balance in one’s life? I’m asking the questions to dispel the myth that singleness isn’t a death sentence but instead the perfect place to be while one is becoming the best version of themselves possible. Join my special guests, Dr. Keiva Bland, Judge Kameshia Gant and Dr. Brendesha Tynes as they share their experience in living the single life.

Episode 51: Conquering the Holidays

It’s my favorite time of year…the Christmas holiday season. While I feel relaxed, in my element, and winding down from the numerous tasks and projects I do throughout the year, I also know that for some people this season is extremely difficult to navigate for various reasons. Some have experienced breakups and didn’t expect to be alone this holiday. Others are grappling with grief/loss of a loved one or experiencing depression or another mood disorder. Others become anxious due to the commercializing of holiday expectations and visits from family. Either way, the holiday season can be difficult. I brought in my colleagues to answer some questions and provide tips on dealing with changes in relationships, experiencing trauma, and managing and coping with grief/loss during this holiday season. Join us as we provide our go to tips for having the best Christmas and New Year possible!!

Episode 50: Ready to Love – Silas Journey 7

It’s been a while since we’ve check in on Silas as he continues his journey to be ready for love. Being avoidant, Silas has learned that leading emotionally sensitive conversations are challenging. Many avoidants feel this way. Will he have the conversation he needs to have? Will he employ the tools he has learned thus far? Silas wants to love and be loved, but what is really getting in his way? Is it love itself or how he chooses to approach love when he has the opportunity to have it. Let’s find out as we near the close of his relationship journey to finding the love and life he desires.

Episode 49: On the Couch – Self Sabotage

When we are on the road to healing emotionally, we can create roadblocks that prevent us from reaching our full healing potential. In order to live our best life, we have to stop ourselves from doing destructive things. They don’t have to be major deterrents, but they can be deterrents nonetheless. It’s called self-sabotage. What are they? How do we do this while being unaware? Listen to my countdown of the top 12 steps to overcoming this negative cycle.

Episode 48: The D Word

I think we have all heard at least one couple that gets into a heated argument with their spouse and one person threatens ‘divorce’. It’s used as a tactic to get one person in line. But how effective is this? Divorce should not be used as punishment. It shouldn’t be used at all. There are some couples who truly have severe problems in their relationship, which if not discussed, and emotional closeness is not restored, their relationship begins to fail. So what are these warning signs? Let’s listen in as we discuss The 4 Horsemen. Research shows that 96% of couples who experience all 4 of these behaviors in their relationship, if they continue, then the threat of divorce, soon becomes reality.

Episode 47: Male Depression

When we think of depression we tend to focus on that of our youth or women. However, 30% men suffer from depression. Signs and symptoms vary but look differently from that of women. Today we’ll talk with filmmaker and graphics designer, Charles Kennedy. His upcoming film Affliction deals with mental health of an African American male. He shares his personal journey overcoming depression. For more information you can follow Charles Kennedy at IG: afflictionmovie and www.CharlesKennedyJr.com

Episode 46: Ready to Love. Or is He?

So it’s been a while since we’ve last spoken with Silas. Has he been following the suggestions he’s been given? Or has his roadblocks deterred him altogether? It’s time to check in and it’s time to get real. Today we have our come to Jesus talk with Silas as we find out about his journey and if he’s truly ready for love.

Episode 45: The Trip In

If you’re grappling with a broken heart and you want to shake your way out of this you’ll want to hear this episode. Or if you get depressed this episode will be an eye opener. Although I’m not counseling you in this session, I will go through a tool that starts you on the road towards healing. We’re going to experience “The Trip In”.