Dr. Saudia L. Twine, Ph.D., LPC, LLMFT, NCC

Eros Meets Agape is a heart-to-heart conversation about love, sex, marriage and relationships…agape style. The intimate and passionate love of Eros must meet the unconditional, sacrificial love of Agape which is the foundation for every lasting, loving relationship. Join us bi-weekly as we address matters of the heart that affect how we perceive, evaluate and respond to experiences in our relationships

Dr. Saudia L. Twine, Ph.D, NCC, LPC, LLMFT is a licensed marriage and family therapist and minister, located in Southfield, MI. She believes in the power of love, but recognizes that building and maintaining an intimate and loving relationship requires hard work and without it, marital happiness can be difficult to achieve. Everyone wants to love and be loved but may not know how to give and receive the love they both want and need. Using a Christian worldview, along with clinical counseling experience she shares tips, tools, and resources on creating healthier and happier relationships.  Dr. Saudia introduces you to the passion of Eros love that meets the sacrificial and unconditional love of Agape. Be vulnerable and LEARN TO LOVE OUT LOUD!

Dr. Saudia runs a private practice, NewBeginnings FreshStart Counseling Group located in Southfield, MI.  For information on counseling, consultations, or speaking engagements visit her at newbeginningsfreshstart.com.

Kristen Carethers, Producer

Kristen has enjoyed a fruitful career in television,  commercials and entertainment.  Her experience, as a Producer, extends across multiple platforms; broadcast TV, in-cinema, web, and print.  Currently she has brought her creative spirit to General Electric where she combines her skills as a software developer and creative talent.  She is passionate about working on projects that intercept art and technology, introducing Detroit children to technology through the use of storytelling and being a World Champion in pinochle.