Episode 42: Absentee Dads

Every kids imagines growing up with both parents. But what happens when that picture does not become your reality? Moms are known for loving their sons and girls are known for loving their dads. But what happens when your dad is not around? Chooses not to be in your life? How do you learn how to love yourself when the person who should have been there wasn’t? How do you learn how to be loved? A parent is the most influential person in a child’s life. Their presence as well as their absence can shape who we become. Will hear from two special ladies as they share their stories and how the absence of their father affected their lives. But don’t believe their stories end in tragedy. They share how they learn to find their inner strength and to be able to choose the right type of man who is worthy of their love. You’ll listen to them overcome tragedy to triumph.

Episode 41: Shame-Proof Parenting

Parenting in 2019 can be challenging to say the least. If you are a new mom and have many voices in your ear, or if you are raising a teenager and trying to compete with technology or the ever challenging coparenting post divorce or breakup. All of these scenarios are challenging. My special guest is a parenting expert. She shares with her clients the importance in being the best parent you can be and not being shameful of what that looks like in the eyes of others. She is the Parenting Coach, Mercedes Samudio and she teaches us tips on successful parenting in a world where we and others can be critical to our parenting style.

Episode 40: Ready to Love – Silas Journey 3

Silas is practicing skill sets to improve his listening and communication skills with others. He is learning how to open up emotionally. But this is no easy task. We learn the struggles he has to overcome and the nakedness required to move past former hurts so that he can love healthily and effectively. Let’s continue on his journey as I help him to be ready for love.

Episode 39 Boundary Setting: Create a Framework for Healthy and Loving Relationships

Do you ever find yourself attracting the wrong type of man or woman? You aim for one thing but seem to typecast yourself by always attracting a certain type of man or woman? It’s as if we are actors and we are typecast, always picking the same person over and over. When it’s the wrong type of person, it ultimately brings discontentment because we end up in relationships that are unhealthy and unsatisfying. If this is you and you want help trying to develop healthy and loving relationships, listen in as I show you how to build a healthy framework as we discuss boundary setting: how to attract the right type of man or woman so that you create healthy, loving and functioning relationships.

Episode 38: Ready to Love – Silas Journey 2

As we follow Silas on his journey for love, we learn how attachment styles effect how we view ourselves and others. Silas learns that he shuts down during times of conflict. As we move forward he is going to work on decreasing this behavior while he builds his listening skills and beginning to emote. Let’s continue on his journey as I help him to be ready for love.

Episode 37: A Review of the Exonerated 5

If you haven’t seen the movie When They See Us, you are missing out on an epic movie that changes the minds and hearts of its viewers. In this four part series, director, Ava Duvernay shares the story of The Exonerated 5 and what their real experience was like after being incarcerated for a violent sexual crime that they did not commit. If you are an African American watching this movie, it moves you in ways that maybe others will never understand. Today, I’m speaking with a family who watched the series together. This family ranges in ages from 6 to 47. Let’s see how each of them were affected by this thought provoking, heart wrenching movie that made us fall in love with these men and share in the joy of their victory.

Episode 36: Ready to Love – Silas Journey 1

As we follow Silas on his journey for love, we learn how attachment styles effect how we view ourselves and others. Based on these styles, we learn there are some hidden fears that causes him develop anxiety when dealing with conflict in a relationship. Silas is not alone. Anyone who does not have secure attachment experiences some attachment fear. Let’s continue on his journey as I help him to identify these fears and now it’s time to address them head on.

Episode 35: Venus vs. Mars

There are a lot of stereotypes for men and women. Today I’m talking with Clifford Clark to share professional perspective on societal views regarding various relationship gender stereotypes. We’re helping to shed light on why men and women see, experience and feel the way they do. Clifford and I aren’t competing but we’re passionate about our views as we defend our gender. Listen in to hear our take on why we do the things we do.

Episode 34: Ready to Love

How often do we say we are ready for love but once it comes, it seems we repeat the same patterns and the relationship doesn’t seem to work out? You know I say it all the time, “everyone wants to love and be loved” but sometimes we aren’t ready for it when it arrives. Listen in on one man’s journey opening up, being honest and vulnerable about his desire and search for love. You’ll hear first hand the commonalities we all experience based on how we see ourselves, others and our responses to the experiences in our relationships. Let’s walk with Silas on his journey to finding love.

Episode 33: On The Couch -Self Care

Today we are pulled in numerous directions balancing life, work, family and everything in between. Singles as well as couples are experiencing burn out. But how do we know the difference between simply being tired and actually experiencing burn out? Today we’ll discuss the signs and symptoms to look out for so that you can take control and create healthy life balance.